Pack of 2 Led Flashlight Earpick for Wax Cleaner/Wax Remover Electric Ear Cleaner Electric Ear Cleaner

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Ear Pick / Wax Remover Is One of The Ear Care Kit Series By Beemall. Features of Earpick It Consists of A Led Flashlight Earpick with Two Spoons andTweezers with A Case Earpick Is Light andEasy To Handle. The Led Flash Light Makes It Easy To See The Inside of The Ear Canal andThe Two Different Sizes of Spoons Are Convenient for Children andAdults. The Tweezers Help In Removing The Wax Easily. The Earpic Has A Storage Box At The Other End Where The Spoons andThe Tweezers Can Be Kept Safely. The Flash Light Can Also Be Used As An Pen Light. The Case Protects The Earpick From Damageote: The Product is delicate as per the usage of cleaning ears andhas complete plastic body except for the circuit for the Flashlight, thus making it light andeasy to handle andclean without any corrosion

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