Memory Foam Solid Sleeping Pillow Pack of 1 (White)

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Filling Material: Memory Foam Size: 30 cm x 22 cm Type: Sleeping Pillow Suitable Location: Living Room, Bed Room, Baby Room ********************************************************************************************************************* Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows? ?What is Soft Sleeper? - Soft Sleeper is the latest “pillow. - Soft Sleeper claims to be a super-soft, ultra-comfortable PILLOW that guarantees sound sleep every night. -- Uncomfortable pillows keep you up all night, you fold, flip and fluff but never get that perfect support you have been searching for. ?How does Soft Sleeper work? - Soft Sleeper claims to be so comfortable and supportive that you can run over it with eggs inside the pillow but they won’t break. - You can even sit over the Soft Sleeper pillow with eggs inside (between the two pillows, not literally inside the pillow) the pillow and no eggs crack. ?The ergonomic design: - Soft Sleeper claims to cradle your head in comfort. - The Soft Sleeper pillow conforms to the shape of your head regardless of your sleeping habits – side sleeper, back sleeper or belly sleeper. ?Soft Sleeper Fillings : - It claims to have 8 million micro-comfort spheres that evenly disperse the weight of your head and neck as you sleep. ?Stability: - The Soft Sleeper Pillow demonstrates its stability by having a glass of wine at one end of the pillow and a heavy weight falling on the pillow at the other end. - The vibrations don’t make the wine glass fall. - This test displays the vibration resistance nature of the pillow – which is essential for comfort. ?Soft Sleeper remains COOL: - Pillows inherently retain heat owing to the properties of the filling material. - But Soft Sleeper maintains that the air flows right through the pillow (which is demonstrated by the feathers being blown off by the fan below the pillow.) giving you a cool night sleep.

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